Shared teaching with multimedia-enhanced video-conferencing

  • Charles Duncan
  • Martin Morrey
  • Gwen Bayne
  • Iain MacLaren
  • Patrick Walder
  • John McQuillan


In Scotland all 13 universities and a number (8) of other related institutions of higher education are connected on a high bandwidth computer network. Organizationally, this is composed of four interconnected Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). The high bandwidth (155 Mbit/s) and the network's operation under ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) enables routine use of high quality video-conferencing between institutions. Each institution has at least one (all the universities have two) video-conferencing suites, fully equipped with audio and video equipment and direct network access for PCs.



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Duncan C., Morrey M., Bayne G., MacLaren I., Walder P., & McQuillan J. (1). Shared teaching with multimedia-enhanced video-conferencing. Research in Learning Technology, 6(3).
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