Special Collections

Mobile Mixed Reality Enhanced Learning


Dr Thomas Cochrane, Centre for Learning And Teaching, Auckland University of Technology.

Associate Professor James Birt, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University.

Associate Professor Helen Farley, Digital Life Lab, University of Southern Queensland. 

Dr Vickel Narayan, Centre for Learning And Teaching, Auckland University of Technology. 

Dr Fiona Smart, Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement, Edinburgh Napier University.  


EDITORIAL: Special collection on mobile mixed reality 2019 update
by Thomas Cochrane, Vickel Narayan and James Birt

EDITORIAL: Special Issue on Mobile Mixed Reality
by Thomas Cochrane, Fiona Smart and Vickel Narayan

Claudio Aguayo, Chris Eames and Thomas Cochrane

Exploring mixed reality based on self-efficacy and motivation of users
by Kathy Essmiller, Tutaleni I. Asino, Ayodeji Ibukun, Frances Alvarado-Albertorio, Sarinporn Chaivisit, Thanh Do and Younglong Kim

Analysing construction student experiences of mobile mixed reality enhanced learning in virtual and augmented reality environments
by Nikolche Vasilevski James Birt

Embodied reports in paramedicine mixed reality learning
by Claudio Aguayo, Cristobal Dañobeitia, Thomas Cochrane, Stephen Aiello, Stuart Cook and Alberto Cuevas

Learning in Virtual Reality: Effects on Performance, Emotion, and Engagement
by Devon Allcoat and Adrian von Mühlenen

Assessing mobile mixed reality affordances as a comparative visualization pedagogy for design communication
by James Richard Birt and Michael Allan Cowling

Authentic interprofessional health education scenarios using mobile VR
by Thomas D. Cochrane, Todd Stretton, Stephen Aiello, Sally Britnell, Stuart Cook and Vickel Narayan

The boundaries of education: using mobile devices for connecting people to places
by David Lewis Sinfield

Exploring mobile mixed reality in healthcare higher education: A systematic review
by Todd R. Stretton, Thomas D. Cochrane and Vickel Narayan

Using mixed reality displays for observational learning of motor skills: A design research approach enhancing memory recall and usability
by Paul Watson and Dan Livingstone

Holographic learning: A mixed reality trial of Microsoft HoloLens in an Australian secondary school
by Simon N. Leonard and Robert N. Fitzgerald

Mobile augmented reality learning objects in higher education
by Faith Marcel


Playful Learning Conference 

- a themed collection developed from workshops held at the second Playful Learning Conference in July 2017 (http://conference.playthinklearn.net).

Editors: A. Mark Langan and Fiona Smart


Editorial: Playful Learning
by A. Mark Langan and Fiona Smart

Playful learning: tools, techniques, and tactics
by Nicola Whitton

Constraints and autonomy for creativity in extracurricular gamejams and curricular assessment
by Simon Grey, David Parker and Neil Gordon

Nostalgia, gamification and staff development – moving staff training away from didactic delivery
by Tom Foster and Simon Warwick

Using games to disrupt the conference Twittersphere
by Rosie Jones and Emily Shields

Unhappy families: using tabletop games as a technology to understand play in education
by John Lean, Sam Illingworth, Paul Wake