Editorial: Playful Learning

A. Mark Langan, Fiona Smart


Welcome to this themed collection for Research in Learning Technology. These articles collate ideas and practices developed from workshops held at the second Playful Learning Conference in July 2017 (http://conference.playthinklearn.net). It is fair to say that this is an extraordinary conference, designed to explore the intersection between learning and play for adults. The approach and content of the event are intentionally playful, yet underpinned by robust research and exploratory practices. The workshops, keynote speakers, stands and activities are intended to disrupt the temptation to default to mainstream educational thinking. They also provide a space for academics from diverse backgrounds to play, learn and think together. Moseley (2017) curated examples from the inaugural 2016 conference for a previous special issue.

Published: 9 May 2018

Citation: Research in Learning Technology 2018, 26: 2079 - http://dx.doi.org/10.25304/rlt.v26.2079

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