A critical appraisal of WinEcon and its use in a first-year undergraduate Economics programme

  • D. J. Brooksbank
  • A. Clark
  • R. Hamilton
  • D. G. Pickernell


WinEcon is a Windows-based introductory Economics CAL package designed for use in higher education. It is the product of the Economics Consortium of the TLTP (Teaching and Learning Technology Programme) consisting of eight university Economics departments. Each of these has been responsible for producing some of the 25 chapters (tutorials) of the finished product. Content is based on covering the common core of introductory Economics as revealed by a survey of higher-education Economics departments. WinEcon is provided, with an accompanying workbook, for a nominal registration fee in the UK. The package is important insofar as it is aimed at all first-year undergraduates studying Economics, which encompasses not only those taking straight Economics degrees but large numbers of students following introductory Economics as part of a Business Studies or Combined Studies course. With no competition to speak of, WinEcon is likely to become a significant feature of the learning experience of a large tranche of the undergraduate population, across a number of degree schemes. Indeed, for many of these students WinEcon will constitute their first major experience of CAL.



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Brooksbank D. J., Clark A., Hamilton R., & Pickernell D. G. (1). A critical appraisal of WinEcon and its use in a first-year undergraduate Economics programme. Research in Learning Technology, 6(3). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v6i3.11168
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