Evaluating EuroMET - a Web-based resource for meteorologists

  • Julia Phelps
  • Ross Reynolds


The education and training of meteorologists varies widely across Europe. General meteorology is taught in many universities, typically as part of other courses, for example, geography, while comprehensive courses in meteorology are taught in specialist departments at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Due to the relatively small number of universities teaching meteorology at sufficiently advanced levels (approximately 5 per cent of all universities Europe-wide), National Meteorological Services (NMS) usually recruit employees at university science degree level and then offer training as is necessary. Another part of NMS education programmes is extension training, required to keep all employees up to date with the latest developments in meteorological science. NMS training varies from employees attending intensive courses running over several weeks, which can be very similar to a university module, to much less formal 'on-the-job' training. Regardless of the training offered, NMS, unlike universities, do not formally examine or assess their trainees. At present no distance- or open-learning courses in meteorology exist within Europe.



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Julia Phelps
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