Integrating groupware technology into the learning environment

  • Abdul Naeem Shaikh
  • Linda Macaulay


The challenge of teaching computer-supported co-operative working (CSCW) and groupware concepts to software engineering students using a 'theory and practice' approach was taken by Macaulay, at the Department of Computation, UMIST, United Kingdom. The first author had assisted from the very beginning and, thus, shared the valuable insights and lessons that came in the introduction of groupware and its subsequent use within the learning environment. Although this challenge was met with a degree of success from the very first year (Macaulay, Shaikh and Young, 1998), attempts were made to learn further lessons each year (in terms of what worked and what did not) and to incorporate them into the following year.




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Shaikh, A. N., & Macaulay, L. (1). Integrating groupware technology into the learning environment. Research in Learning Technology, 9(2).
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