On-line student feedback: a pilot study

  • Liz Barnett
  • Jane Galbraith
  • Paul Gee
  • Fran Jennings
  • Ron Riley


Student feedback on courses has been a standard feature of university life for several years, with a substantial research backing to it (see, for example, reviews by Marsh, 1987; Marsh and Dunkin, 1992). Most feedback systems endeavour to serve more than one purpose, with student feedback forming part of the evidence used by: • individual teachers to improve teaching • heads of departments to monitor and guide individual teachers, especially part-time teachers; • course leaders for course development; • senior managers to make decisions on probation and promotion related to teaching performance; consider changes to the wider learning environment; help with the marketing of programmes; • external agencies to assess quality of provision




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Paul Gee
Fran Jennings
Ron Riley
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Barnett, L., Galbraith, J., Gee, P., Jennings, F., & Riley, R. (1). On-line student feedback: a pilot study. Research in Learning Technology, 9(3). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v9i3.12036
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