Adapting to the digital age: a narrative approach

  • Sarah Cousins University of Bedfordshire
  • Dounia Bissar London Metropolitan University
Keywords: narrative, resonance, story, engagement


The article adopts a narrative inquiry approach to foreground informal learning and exposes a collection of stories from tutors about how they adapted comfortably to the digital age.We were concerned that despite substantial evidence that bringing about changes in pedagogic practices can be difficult, there is a gap in convincing approaches to help in this respect. In this context, this project takes a ‘‘bottom-up’’ approach and synthesises several life-stories into a single persuasive narrative to support the process of adapting to digital change. The project foregrounds the small, every-day motivating moments, cultural features and environmental factors in people’s diverse lives which may have contributed to their positive dispositions towards change in relation to technology enhanced learning. We expect that such narrative approaches could serve to support colleagues in other institutions to warm up to ever-changing technological advances.

Keywords: narrative inquiry; resonance; story; engagement

(Published: 17 December 2012)

Citation: Research in Learning Technology 2012, 20: 18976 -


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Sarah Cousins, University of Bedfordshire
Initial Teacher Training and Education
Principal Lecturer
Dounia Bissar, London Metropolitan University
Senior Lecturer, French
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Cousins S., & Bissar D. (2012). Adapting to the digital age: a narrative approach. Research in Learning Technology, 20.
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