Building global learning communities

  • Thomas Cochrane Centre for Learning And Teaching AUT University New Zealand
  • Ilona Buchem Beuth University, Berlin
  • Mar Camacho Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Catalunya
  • Catherine Cronin National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Averill Gordon AUT University, Auckland
  • Helen Keegan Salford University, Manchester
Keywords: community of practice, mlearning, global collaboration framework,


Within the background where education is increasingly driven by the economies of scale and research funding, we propose an alternative online open and connected framework (OOC) for building global learning communities using mobile social media. We critique a three year action research case study involving building collaborative global learning communities around a community of practice of learning researchers and practitioners. The results include the development of a framework for utilising mobile social media to support collaborative curriculum development across international boundaries. We conclude that this framework is potentially transferrable to a range of educational contexts where the focus is upon student-generated mobile social media projects.

Keywords: community of practice; mlearning; global collaboration framework

(Published: 6 September 2013)

Citation: Research in Learning Technology 2013, 21: 21955 -


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Author Biography

Thomas Cochrane, Centre for Learning And Teaching AUT University New Zealand
Dr Thomas Cochrane
BE, BD, GDHE, MTS, MComp, PHD (Monash)
Academic Advisor
Senior Lecturer in educational technology
Centre for Learning And Teaching
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Cochrane T., Buchem I., Camacho M., Cronin C., Gordon A., & Keegan H. (2013). Building global learning communities. Research in Learning Technology, 21.
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