Knowledge Tree: putting discourse into computer-based learning

  • T. J. Brailsford
  • P. M.C. Davies
  • S. C. Scarborough
  • W. J. Trewhella


The learning process One of the most fundamental aspects of education is the dialogue that occurs between teachers and the students. Laurillard (1993) has discussed this in depth, and has concluded that any teaching strategy should make provision for a dialogue which reveals the conceptions of both the teacher and the student. This allows the teacher to analyse the students' understanding, and to use this information to form the basis of subsequent dialogue.



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Brailsford, T. J., Davies, P. M., Scarborough, S. C., & Trewhella, W. J. (1). Knowledge Tree: putting discourse into computer-based learning. Research in Learning Technology, 5(1).
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