Enriching accounts of computer-supported collaboration by using video data

  • Canan Tosunoglu Blake
  • Eileen Scanlon


This paper will discuss the approach to the evaluation of computer-supported collaborative learning developed in our group over the past ten years. This approach depends on the collection of video data to allow the analysis of key features of problemsolving behaviour within groups of students working on collaborative learning tasks. Our theoretical framework derives from two sources- the CIAOl framework for evaluating examples of CAL and an analysis of appropriate methods of evaluating computersupported collaboration. Our work in this area has been supported by developing the data capture facilities for the CALRG (Computers and Learning Research Group) at the Open University. We will draw on a number of studies to illustrate this approach and will present a brief case study from work done on a computer-supported learning environment for statistics where we use video records of video-mediated collaboration. This case study gives an example of the rich data that can be collected using video recording and analysed to increase understanding of computer-supported collaboration.



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Blake C. T., & Scanlon E. (2003). Enriching accounts of computer-supported collaboration by using video data. Research in Learning Technology, 11(2). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v11i2.11270
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