Evidence and evaluation in learning technology research

  • Rhona Sharpe


This issue sees the change of name of the journal from ALT-J, Research in LearningTechnology to Research in Learning TechnologyThe Journal of the Association forLearning Technology. It might seem a small change in the reordering of the title andsubtitle of the journal, but it will require a commitment from all of us involved in thejournal to change our habits of referring to it simply as ‘ALT-J’. The new title reflectsour growing recognition of the importance of research in informing learning technologypractice and the development of policy. The change in title also reflects our understandingof the community who produce and read such research. We hope that theself-explanatory Research in Learning Technology title better represents the aim ofthe journal to publish papers from a broad inter-disciplinary field, which encompassesall sectors of education and industry. Our intention is to be more inclusive to currentand potential authors, reviewers and readers across the world.As we have debated and prepared for this title change, it is



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Sharpe R. (2011). Evidence and evaluation in learning technology research. Research in Learning Technology, 19(1). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v19i1.17102