Learning design: reflections upon the current landscape

  • Yishay Mor
  • Brock Craft
Keywords: learningDesign, epistemology, designMethods, designFrameworks, theoryDevelopment, representations,


The mounting wealth of open and readily available information and the accelerated evolution of social, mobile and creative technologies call for a re-conceptualisation of the role of educators: from providers of knowledge to designers of learning. This call is reverberated by the rising trend of research in learning design (LD). Addressing this, the Art and Science of Learning Design workshop brought together leading voices in the field, and provided a forum for discussing its key issues. It focused on three major themes: (1) practices, methods and methodologies, (2) tools and resources and (3) theoretical frameworks. This paper proposes a definition of LD, reviews the main contributions from the workshop, and suggests some challenges for future research.

Keywords: learning design; epistemology; design methods; design frameworks; theory development; representations

(Published: 30 August 2012)



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Mor Y., & Craft B. (2012). Learning design: reflections upon the current landscape. Research in Learning Technology, 20. https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v20i0.19196
ALT-C 2012 Conference Proceedings - A confrontation with reality

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