Development of an institutional framework to guide transitions into enhanced blended learning in higher education

  • Josephine Adekola University of Glasgow
  • Vicki H.M. Dale University of Glasgow
  • Kerr Gardiner University of Glasgow
Keywords: digital education, technology-enhanced learning, e-learning, higher education, change


The rapidly changing digital landscape is having a significant influence on learning and teaching. Our study assesses the response of one higher education institution (HEI) to the changing digital landscape and its transition into enhanced blended learning, which seeks to go beyond the early implementation stage to make the most effective use of online learning technologies to enhance the student experience and student learning outcomes. Evidence from a qualitative study comprising 20 semi-structured interviews, informed by a literature review, has resulted in the development of a holistic framework to guide HEIs transitioning into enhanced blended learning. The proposed framework addresses questions relating to the why (change agents), what (institutional considerations), how (organisational preparedness) and who (stakeholders) of transitions into enhanced blended learning. The involvement of all stakeholder groups is essential to a successful institutional transition into enhanced blended learning.

(Published: 2 August 2017)

Citation: Research in Learning Technology 2017, 25: 1973 -


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Author Biographies

Josephine Adekola, University of Glasgow

Josephine conducted this work as a Research Assistant in the Learning and Teaching Centre, now the Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service (LEADS), and PhD student at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgw, which she has now completed. Her research interests focus on risk and uncertainty, and student transitions.

Vicki H.M. Dale, University of Glasgow

Dr Vicki Dale is a Senior Academic and Digital Development Adviser at LEADS, University of Glasgow. Vicki has worked in UK HE for 23 years, supporting teachers in effectively using technology-enhanced learning approaches. A Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Vicki is also the co-lead for ELESIG Scotland (Learner Experience Research SIG).

Kerr Gardiner, University of Glasgow

Kerr Gardiner undertook this work as Head of Learning Technology and Media Production at the Learning and Teaching Centre (now LEADS). Kerr focuses on how the evolving digital landscape is blurring boundaries; physical/virtual spaces and campus-based/distance learning, and how to meet this challenge through the development of MOOCs, online distance PGT programmes and UG campus-based online courses.

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