Press Start: the value of an online student-led, peer-reviewed game studies journal

Keywords: online journals, Facebook groups, student engagement, publishing, peer review, game studies


In this article, an online student journal is described, and the ways in which student participants value the journal are discussed. Press Start is a peer-reviewed international journal of game studies, which aims to publish the best student work related to the academic study of video games. Content analysis of qualitative survey data (n = 29) provides insights into what students value about the journal, revealing six broad themes: community and support, inclusiveness and accessibility, the published research, feedback from peer review, experience of conducting peer review and the opportunity to publish. The article concludes by suggesting that engagement with online student journals should not be limited in terms of geography or the level of study, unless there are robust pedagogical reasons for doing so.

Published: 7 December 2017

Citation: Research in Learning Technology 2017, 25: 1982 -


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Matthew Barr, University of Glasgow

Press Start: The value of an online student-led, peer reviewed game studies journal

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Barr M. (2017). <em>Press Start</em&gt;: the value of an online student-led, peer-reviewed game studies journal. Research in Learning Technology, 25.
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