Professional learning design framework: supporting technology integration in Alberta

  • Lydia van Thiel University of Calgary
Keywords: affordances, educational leadership, SAMR, UDL


Researchers around the world are interested in knowing how to support teachers in developing both their technology skills and their understanding of how educational technologies can provide opportunity to engage all learners at their skill and interest level in learning activities that were not possible without technology. The solution involves the design and development of teacher professional learning (PL). This study examines a snapshot of one school district, which has experienced a growth in available digital student technology occurring at the same time when teachers experienced a loss of traditional pen and paper resources. Qualitative and quantitative data were gathered and analysed to determine what features of PL would best support teachers in this district. These findings were then considered within the scope of government suggested policy, frameworks and reports. The final suggested framework is for a PL that is collaborative, grade and subject relevant; offers hands-on opportunities; is supported by coaching; is based on research; and is supported by leadership which provides both time and a collaboratively developed vision.

Published: 5 February 2018

Citation: Research in Learning Technology 2018, 26: 1989 -


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van Thiel L. (2018). Professional learning design framework: supporting technology integration in Alberta. Research in Learning Technology, 26.
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