Using hypermedia annotations to teach vocabulary on the Web

  • Bahman Gorjian
Keywords: hypermedia annotations, plain text, vocabulary retention, WBLL


This project measured the effect of using hypermedia annotations on short and long-term vocabulary retention in teaching vocabulary through Web-based language learning activities. A total of 62 university students were randomly assigned into two homogeneous groups; and then both groups were given a pretest. Both groups covered 12 expository passages selected by the researchers from the BBC website. The subjects had to sit for an immediate quiz to measure the short-term effect of the treatment and finally, at the end of the course and a twoweek interval, subjects sat for their post-test. Findings revealed that there was a significant effect of the hypermedia annotations on the retention of vocabulary in the short term ( p<0.05). However, the post-test results indicated that the effect of the treatment in the long term faded away, and the significance of the means was not sufficiently high to reject the null hypothesis.

Keywords: hypermedia annotations; plain text; vocabulary retention; WBLL


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Gorjian, B. (2012). Using hypermedia annotations to teach vocabulary on the Web. Research in Learning Technology, 19.
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