Building institutional capability in e-learning design

  • Gilly Salmon
  • Sylvia Jones
  • Alejandro Armellini
Keywords: e-learning design, capability, pathfinder, team working, CARPE DIEM model


We detail the research, development and initial outcomes of an intervention process to promote capability building in designing for e-learning at a dual mode university in the UK. The process, called CARPE DIEM, was built on a pilot study and became a Higher Education Academy ‘Pathfinder’ project named ADELIE. We report on the model workshop, its deployment, research and development over a 12-month period with a variety of subject groups working in small teams with learning technologists, pedagogical facilitators and librarians. Outcomes include improved scores on an institutional e-learning benchmarking exercise and increased capability for designing for online activities for students in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The model is stable enough to be tried in other institutions and continues to develop in scope.

Keywords: e-learning design; capability; pathfinder; team working; CARPE DIEM model

DOI: 10.1080/09687760802315978


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Salmon G., Jones S., & Armellini A. (2008). Building institutional capability in e-learning design. Research in Learning Technology, 16(2).
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