An open learner model for trainee pilots

  • Inderdip Gakhal
  • Susan Bull
Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring Systems, learner model, open learner model, trainee pilots


This paper investigates the potential for simple open learner models for highly motivated, independent learners, using the example of trainee pilots. In particular we consider whether such users access their learner model to help them identify their current knowledge level, areas of difficulty and specific misconceptions, to help them plan their immediate learning activities; and whether they find a longer-term planning aid useful. The Flight Club open learner model was deployed in a UK flight school over four weeks. Results suggest that motivated users such as trainee pilots will use a system with a simple open learner model, and are interested in consulting their learner model information both to facilitate planning over time, and to understand their current knowledge state. We discuss the extent to which our findings may be relevant to learners in other contexts.

Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring Systems; learner model; open learner model; trainee pilots

DOI: 10.1080/09687760802318436


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Gakhal I., & Bull S. (2008). An open learner model for trainee pilots. Research in Learning Technology, 16(2).
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