Top 10 Downloads 2020

The following list represent the 10 most downloaded articles in 2020. 

PDF files remains the most popular file format, but we encourage readers to explore the XMLs which offers a side-by-side, dynamic view of each article for easy navigation.

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Article Title and Authors Fulltext Downloads 

A review of predictive factors of student success in and satisfaction with online learning (Published: 27 August 2015)

by Heather Kauffman


Questions of quality in repositories of open educational resources: a literature review (Published: 24 July 2014)

by Javiera Atenas and Leo Havemann


The seven principles of online learning: Feedback from faculty and alumni on its importance for teaching and learning (Published: 17 March 2020)

by Cynthia Janet Tanis


Learning in virtual reality: Effects on performance, emotion and engagement (Published: 27 November 2018)

by Devon Allcoat and Adrian von Mühlenen


Embedding educational technologies in early years education (Published: 22 January 2019)

by Christine Jack and Steve Higgins


Using connectivism theory and technology for knowledge creation in cross-cultural communication (Published: 21 December 2018)

by Archana Shrivastava


The five resources of critical digital literacy: a framework for curriculum integration (Published: 31 January 2014)

by Juliet Hinrichsen and Antony Coombs


Playful learning: tools, techniques, and tactics (Published: 9 May 2018)

by Nicola Whitton


Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspective (Published: 3 February 2012)

by Matthew Kearney, Sandra Schuck, Kevin Burden and Peter Aubusson


E-learning educational atmosphere measure (EEAM): a new instrument for assessing e-students’ perception of educational environment (Published: 21 January 2020)

by Atekeh Mousavi, Aeen Mohammadi, Rita Mojtahedzadeh, Mandana Shirazi and Hamed Rashidi