Repurposing learning objects: a sustainable alternative?

  • Cathy Gunn
  • Sheila Woodgate
  • Winnie O’Grady


Recent experience shows that reusable learning objects, like the computer assisted learning programmes of the early 1990s, have so far failed to achieve expected levels of integration into educational practice. This is despite technical interoperability, cataloguing systems, high quality standards, targeted dissemination and professional development initiatives. Analysis of this problem suggests that conceptualization of the problem may be limiting the scope of solutions. This paper proposes a sustainable and participative approach to reuse that involves repurposing learning objects for different discipline areas.

DOI: 10.1080/09687760500376413


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Gunn C., Woodgate S., & O’Grady W. (2005). Repurposing learning objects: a sustainable alternative?. Research in Learning Technology, 13(3).
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