The management of schools’ websites in Cantabria, Spain

Keywords: School website, ICT coordinator, educational community, school improvement, Spain


School websites are not only sources of information and documentation, but also means of communication that are increasingly being accessed by members of society, especially by the different educational communities, thanks to the democratisation of Internet access. This paper deals with a qualitative research project in which information and communication technology coordinators of infant and primary publicly funded private schools (concertados) and state schools in urban, rural and semi-urban/rural areas within the Region of Cantabria (Spain) were interviewed in order to understand how school websites are managed. The findings show a range of views and practices in the schools’ management of their websites, some positive developments in their uses and functions, and numerous opportunities for improvement. School websites are essential communication tools, which need to be continuously improved/updated by their managers, with the support of the education authorities.

(Published: 13 January 2017)

Citation:  Research in Learning Technology, 25:1, 1270579, DOI: 10.1080/21567069.2017.1270579


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