The tipping point: a response

  • Pam Moule


I am grateful to Gilly Salmon for providing further personal insight into the five-stage model for e-learning, reviewed in my recent paper (Moule, 2007). Professor Salmon plots the development and use of the model, first conceived some 12 years ago, and encourages us to reflect further on a model that has been so widely adopted. The longevity of its use in a fast-changing field is testament to its appeal to educators, developers and learners. It is clear that a number of ALT-J readers will know of, and have used, the model and may want to express thoughts on its current applicability, as Salmon invites.

DOI: 10.1080/09687760701482358


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Moule P. (2007). The tipping point: a response. Research in Learning Technology, 15(2).
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