Special Collection

Playful Learning Conference 

- a themed collection developed from workshops held at the second Playful Learning Conference in July 2017 (http://conference.playthinklearn.net).

Editors: A. Mark Langan and Fiona Smart


Editorial: Playful Learning
by A. Mark Langan and Fiona Smart

Playful learning: tools, techniques, and tactics
by Nicola Whitton

Constraints and autonomy for creativity in extracurricular gamejams and curricular assessment
by Simon Grey, David Parker and Neil Gordon

Nostalgia, gamification and staff development – moving staff training away from didactic delivery
by Tom Foster and Simon Warwick

Using games to disrupt the conference Twittersphere
by Rosie Jones and Emily Shields

Unhappy families: using tabletop games as a technology to understand play in education
by John Lean, Sam Illingworth, Paul Wake