Time for a change

  • Gabriel Jacobs


If a new appointment can be made before the next issue of ALT-J, this will be my final offering as Editor, which position I have held since the journal was born, with ALT, in 1993. Were I to follow custom and practice in the matter, I would take this singular opportunity to do a sentimental 'retrospective', highlighting milestones in the development of technology-aided teaching and learning over the six years of my editorship, and, in so doing, showing in the best possible light the extent to which the aims of ALT have been achieved. I fear that such an approach would lead to irrefutable platitudes, and those who have read my editorials over the years (how few are they?) will be aware that I have never shunned controversy - indeed, I have been accused on several occasions of wilful and unjustified provocation. Unsubstantiated as this accusation is, I would not wish my last editorial to break with its tradition. In this final comment as Editor, therefore, I shall express a certain frustration.



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