Situated, embodied and social problem-solving in virtual worlds

  • Andrew Cram
  • John G. Hedberg
  • Maree Gosper
  • Geoff Dick
Keywords: problem-solving, expertise, attitudes, emotions, values


Contemporary theories of problem-solving highlight that expertise is domainspecific, contingent on the social context and available resources, and involvesknowledge, skills, attitudes, emotions and values. Developing educational activitiesthat incorporate all of these elements is a challenge. Through case studies,this paper outlines how situated, embodied and social problem-solving activitieswithin virtual worlds can elicit responses that engage all facets of expertise.



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Cram A., Hedberg J. G., Gosper M., & Dick G. (2011). Situated, embodied and social problem-solving in virtual worlds. Research in Learning Technology, 19(3).
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