Augmented learning – spreading your wings beyond the classroom

  • Vickel Narayan
  • Catherine Davis
  • Robin Gee
Keywords: pedagogy2.0, learner-generatedContent, learner-generatedContext, socialConstructivism, mobileWeb2.0


The dramatic advancements in technology over the last 5 years have created an environment that could support learning that surpasses anything we would have seen, experienced or imagined before. While new technologies offer considerable opportunities for improved learning, their use however has remained as a plug-on to traditional teaching methods. In this article, we discuss the impact of reinvigorating two courses where the use of Mobile Web 2.0 (MW2.0) tools was embedded within the learning process with an aim of enabling learner-generated content and context. Students and staff in this collaborative project, from two different courses, were equipped with iPhone 4s and iPad 2s for the duration of the course (n= 36, 16-week semester). A participatory action research method was used to evaluate the project and to scaffold the staff into learning and teaching in the twenty-first century. The pedagogical approach underpinning this project and the design for use of MW2.0 tools are discussed. Examples of artefacts created by the students in the project are outlined and provide an overview of the different contexts students interacted in.

Keywords: Pedagogy 2.0; learner-generated content; learner-generated context; social constructivism; Mobile web 2.0

(Published: 30 August 2012)


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Narayan V., Davis C., & Gee R. (2012). Augmented learning – spreading your wings beyond the classroom. Research in Learning Technology, 20.
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