• Julia Little
  • Ray McAleese
  • Susan Fowell
  • John Castleford
  • Nigel Paine
  • Philip Barker
  • Richard Storer
  • Dianne Phillips
  • David Durling


Ray Welland concludes his editorial preface to this book with the sentence: 'If you want to find out what multimedia is and what it has to offer this is an excellent place to start'. The comment reflects the major strength of this book, which does provide an excellent starting place for anyone wanting to learn more about multimedia. The author explains what multimedia' is today and the technology involved, gives example applications, and projects current trends forward to explore the use of multimedia in the future. She clearly states the perceived audience for the text as 'business managers and project leaders who need to introduce multimedia technology into their applications'. A guide to using the text is provided: Parts I and III are suitable for readers with no technical knowledge; Part II requires familiarity with computer architecture, and Part IV is most suitable for managers planning a multimedia project. These guidelines are useful, but the text as a whole will appeal to anyone who has an interest in learning about multimedia. Technical knowledge is advantageous in some sections, but the author takes time to explain clearly, and uses examples to illustrate points.



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Little J., McAleese R., Fowell S., Castleford J., Paine N., Barker P., Storer R., Phillips D., & Durling D. (1). Reviews. Research in Learning Technology, 4(2).
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