• Jane Seale
  • Jeff Haywood
  • Nora Mogey


A major focus of the research and practice in the field of Learning Technology is implementing and developing learning technologies in order to change or influence the student learning experience. We are all aware, however, that the process of developing or implementing learning technologies often requires adaptation or changes in staff roles and skills, in organizational culture and structures, in strategies and policies, in attitudes and perceptions as in well as the theories and models we use to explain and understand the learning and teaching experience. In this issue of ALT-J we present ten papers. On first reading these papers represent quite an eclectic mixture of subjects and methods: a closer inspection, however, reveals a common theme that runs through all the papers, that of change. Linked to this theme are notions of evolution, innovation and experimentation.



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Seale J., Haywood J., & Mogey N. (2002). Editorial. Research in Learning Technology, 10(1). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v10i1.11294