• Philip Barker
  • Anne M. Brown
  • Peter Funnell
  • Kate Garland
  • Paul Haslam
  • Bruce Ingraham
  • Ray McAleese
  • Peter McKenna
  • Lindsay Offer


Nowadays, in this current era of the Web, searching the Internet is probably as important (if not more so) as using conventional libraries and the facilities that they contain in order to locate sources of sought-after information. Indeed, the Internet (as an information resource) is now so important that virtually all students (both in schools and colleges) are given some exposure to it at some stage during their education. Because of its importance, there is a 'veritable multitude' of books on searching the Internet. For me, this book is a particularly attractive one because of its low cost, its scope and coverage and, most importantly, the style in which it is written.




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Barker P., Brown A. M., Funnell P., Garland K., Haslam P., Ingraham B., McAleese R., McKenna P., & Offer L. (1). Reviews. Research in Learning Technology, 8(2).
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