Taking over someone else's design: implications for the tutor's role in networked learning

  • Mireia Asensio
  • Janice Whatley
  • Chris Jones


This paper reflects on the experiences of a particular tutor taking over a specific course. It is an example of a common situation found in higher education (HE) institutions, when newly appointed or temporary part-time or full-time staff are hired to teach courses that have been designed and developed by other members of teaching staff. The experience of this particular tutor may help us to illuminate the role that tutors have more generally in networked learning environments. For the purpose of clarification, we define networked learning as 'learning in which C&IT is used to promote connections between one learner and other learners, between learners and tutors, between a learning community and its learning resources'.




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Asensio M., Whatley J., & Jones C. (1). Taking over someone else’s design: implications for the tutor’s role in networked learning. Research in Learning Technology, 9(3). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v9i3.12041
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