• Philip Barker
  • Bruce Ingraham
  • Tony Cook
  • Peter Funnell
  • Robert Sherratt
  • Brian Turton
  • Janice Whatley
  • Mantz Yorke


There were two copy-editing blunders in Clive Betts's review, in ALT-J 5 (3), of Shirley Fletcher's Designing Competence-Based Training, one in paragraph 2 line 1, the other in paragraph 3 line 8. The errors (the result of the Editor, Gabriel Jacobs, trying to perform a final proof of the journal at lightning speed in order to meet the printing deadline, and not of any mistake on the part of either Philip Barker or the University of Wales Press) hardly affected meaning, but the fact that they appeared in a review of a book on competence makes the embarrassment all the more telling. The Editor apologizes, and thanks eagle-eyed readers. He has decided to read the book in the hope that such errors will not recur.



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Barker P., Ingraham B., Cook T., Funnell P., Sherratt R., Turton B., Whatley J., & Yorke M. (1). Reviews. Research in Learning Technology, 6(1).

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