DeFrosting professional development: reconceptualising teaching using social learning technologies

  • Thomas Cochrane
  • Vickel Narayan
Keywords: professional development, communities of practice, social learning theories, pedagogy-andragogy-heutagogy continuum


In this paper we discuss the impact of redesigning a lecturer professional development course with the aim of embedding a community of practice (COP) model supported by the use of mobile web 2.0 technologies. This approach was based upon a model developed to support 30 mlearning projects between 2006 and 2010, which also informed the institutions’ new elearning strategy developed in 2009. Participating lecturers were brought into the course as participants in an intentional COP investigating the pedagogical application of social learning theories and frameworks, facilitated by the course lecturers who took on the role of technology stewards guiding the COP in the appropriation of mobile web 2.0. Three examples of participants’ journeys of discovery throughout the course are highlighted to illustrate the impact of this approach to professional development. Reflections on the first 2010 iteration of the course are then used to inform the following iterations in 2011.

Keywords: professional development; communities of practice; social learning theories; pedagogy-andragogy-heutagogy continuum


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Cochrane, T., & Narayan, V. (2012). DeFrosting professional development: reconceptualising teaching using social learning technologies. Research in Learning Technology, 19.
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