A pedagogical framework for embedding C&IT into the curriculum

  • Grainne Conole
  • Martin Oliver


A wide variety of communication and information technologies (C&IT) is now available, offering education a broad range of potential benefits, be they educational (Mapp, 1994; Lewis and Merton, 1996; HEFCE, 1997a), economic (HEFCE, 1997a), or in terms of competitiveness with other universities in an increasingly global market (Maier et al, 1997). The uptake and use of these resources is patchy at best (Laurillard et al, 1993; Lewis and Merton, 1996). This mismatch between potential and use has been seen as increasingly important, and incentives and recommendations are leading to an increasing use of C&IT, as illustrated by the recommendations of the recent Dealing report (Dearing et al, 1997) and the priorities of the TLT programme (HEFCE, 1997b). Concerns have been voiced, however, that the push towards a wider embedding of C&IT in education may ignore issues of the appropriate uses of these resources. What is needed is a convincing and practical pedagogically-driven (as opposed to technology-driven) methodology for integrating C&IT into courses.



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Conole G., & Oliver M. (1). A pedagogical framework for embedding C&IT into the curriculum. Research in Learning Technology, 6(2). https://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v6i2.11003
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