• Philip Barker
  • Andrea Frank
  • Chris Jones
  • Elaine Pearson
  • Gillian Jordan
  • John Traxler
  • Linda Clark


The theme of this year's International Simulation and Gaming Yearbook - 'Transition and Change' - addresses the topical discourse on the improvement of pedagogy by the introduction of active and student-centred learning in UK higher education. Although the value of 'learning-by-doing' and experiential learning is well recognized by researchers in education, many subjects and university courses continue to employ teaching methods (such as lectures) that favour a passive reproduction of information rather than the fostering of student understanding. In this regard, simulations and games are powerful tools that not only promote an active, student-centred approach to learning but have the potential to help realize government policies to improve the quality of teaching and learning in higher education institutions in the UK.




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Barker P., Frank A., Jones C., Pearson E., Jordan G., Traxler J., & Clark L. (1). Reviews. Research in Learning Technology, 9(2).
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