• Grainne Conole


In this issue the editorial space has been given over to a tribute to David Squires. The review below gives an outline of some of his research interests and his substantial contributions to learning technology. In the last issue, as an experiment, we invited comments on the paper by Davies and Denning. The idea behind this was to try and encourage more discussion around papers and to look at introducing a more interactive element to the journal. We will postpone this now until the next issue. If you would like to contribute to this debate, please email comments to g.conole@bristol.ac.uk by Friday, 14 December. Finally, I would like to welcome Dr Jane Seale and Dr Martin Oliver to the editorial team. Jane is based at King's College, London and is also editor for ALT-N. Martin is based at University College, London and has extensive editorial experience. I am looking forward to working with them both over the next few years.




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